Oct 09, 2022 · 5 min read

If you ever feel like a loser, here are 6 tips that can help you feel better

Before trying anything else, recovering from a negative mood state should be granted the highest priority. What help you pull yourself together can vary, but these tips below are asserted as the most effective by many self-help writers.

1. Unfollow social media completely. Looking at peers who are more successful than you will severely depress you

The first and foremost thing you must do is quit browsing social media, at once. Why? Did you ever get a bad mark because of a silly mistake and see your friends being happy with their perfect score? Does your job suck, and you look at your acquaintances keep getting promoted or switching to a position with a handsome monthly wage? Or you are forced to leave the country you have stayed for long while looking at your peers posting amazing moments in that promised land on social media? How did you feel at those times? Deep **** yeah I know, I admit I have been feeling like that countless times.

Can you distinct when you admire a person and when you envy a person? You admire a person when he/she achieves something that you understand you might not be able to replicate even with enormous effort. You envy a person when he/she achieves something that you know you are able to do but you didn't do it for some reasons or something that you no longer have or you can no longer reach. The envy is responsible for making you feel like a loser, ultimately. Seeing your peers enjoy things that you can't do, having things that you don't have is like a sharp claw tearing your self-esteem apart. Merely seeing is the source which dejects you.

Cutting the source, which means disconnecting from social media entirely, is the only way to help you feel better. You cannot be reminded of something disheartening if you don't get to see it. Be a social media hermit, and you will gradually recover your mentality, guaranteed.

Ditching social media is proved as the most effective way to recover from a negative mood state
Ditching social media is proved as the most effective way to recover from a negative mood state

But, you might recover faster if you...

2. ...open your heart to those who care about you sincerely

So, who are they? Whom do you think will be genuinely happy to see you succeed in your life? Whom are you genuinely happy to see them succeed in their life? Those are the ones you should open your heart to. You don't need to tell them how low you're feeling or what ******** you're dealing with, just spend quality time with them, gossip about nonsenses or trivial stuff will definitely brighten you.

3. Remember those who are more miserable than you, and be thankful for what you have

There are people with annual income of 2000$, disabilities, terminal cancer, people live in a warzone or conflict area... whose stories can be found easily with just a few clicks on the internet. There are also people around you who are unlucky to be forever trapped in the cruelty of fate that you might see them every day. If you have enough food not to starve, a shelter to hide, a hobby to entertain yourself, and enough cash to spend at your own will, you are blessed, much more than those people who is occupying 95% of the world's population. Be thankful for what you have been taking for granted.

4. Cherish every small happy, delightful moment around you

Forget what the world is enjoying. Every little thing around you can be a source of happiness. Good food you have found, a good movie you soon watch, the time you and your partner spent together... Remember how tranquil and peaceful they were. Life isn't made up of competitions, it is also composed of little cheerful things that are usually taken for granted. Don't compare what you have with what the world has. Imagine the time when you don't get to experience them anymore.

5. You still have a long run. Be resilient, strive to be a better self daily even it's just a tiny bit

Don't deny the reality. Accepting your defeat, your failure is the beginning step to forge your new way to success. Don't let this time failure get to your head, you had better commit yourself to something more fruitful and productive than dwell on the past. Even it is just a tiny bit, as long as you are better than your yesterday self, over the time it will snowball and become rewarding. Start learning a new skill, train every day. Start by setting an easy-to-aim achievement, then heighten it as you are used to the routine.

6. Finally: Treat yourself well, don't skip meals, eat healthily, exercise often

Don't neglect your physical health. Good health is the foundation of a fulfilling life. No matter how distressful you are, feed yourself 3 healthy meals a day, create an exercise schedule from your 30-minute daily spare time.


You feel like a loser when you involuntarily compare yourself with others while browsing social media, so you must first cut yourself off it. Social media is more insidious than you think, don't let it control how you feel. Treat yourself more valuable time with great books, good food, satisfying outdoor activities, and chill out with those you treasure. Your mood will improve eventually, and you will regain the confidence to craft your future as you wish.